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Asking Better Questions, Driving Better Decisions

Consulting Services

Operational Due Diligence

Uncovering critical contextual details on teams, operations, technology, vendors, partners, and customers

  • Pre-Investment

  • Acquisition Targets

  • Joint Ventures

  • Potential Partners

Market Intelligence

Gain a better understanding of market dynamics via:

  • Open Source Intelligence

  • Primary Research

  • Competitor Benchmarking

  • Support for Software RFPs and Purchases

Risk Management

Risk mitigation, a key factor in growth and market dominance:

  • Workplace Investigations, focused on identifying systemic issues​

  • Partner and Supply Chain Integrity

  • Intellectual Property Protection and Insider Risk Program Development

Strategy Development

​Building or updating key business operations, such as:

  • Sales Processes

  • Partner Programs

  • Customer Success Programs

  • Strategic Communications

  • SSBCI Funds Planning

  • SBA 8a Application Support

Startup Advisory

From idea phase to growth stage, guiding the creation of:

  • Lean Business Canvas

  • Customer Discovery Process

  • Business Plan Development

  • Marketing Materials

  • Early Customer Acquisition

  • Core Business Operations

New Markets & Products

​Support for launching a new product or service:

  • Market Positioning

  • Case Studies

  • Key Talent Acquisition

  • Buyer Support Materials

  • Thought Leadership

Online Meeting

About Us

Applying a unique blend of expertise in national security, investigations, intelligence collection, technology startups, and tribal enterprises, Saulteur specializes in supporting business leaders throughout their businesses lifecycle, from early growth-stage through outside investment, new products and market entry, to joint ventures and acquisition.

Past projects have included Market Research, Lean Canvas and Business Plan Development, Customer Discovery, Go To Market Strategy, Marketing, B2B Sales/Buy Processes, Market Positioning, Partnership Programs, Customer Success Programs, Product Development, Competitive and Market Intelligence, Workplace Investigations, and Due Diligence.


Doing Business With Us

Indian Incentive Program

The U.S. government provides a monetary rebate incentive of 5% through the Indian Incentive Program to eligible prime contractors for hiring Native American-owned companies, including firms such as Saulteur

Image by petr sidorov

Native American Focus

Since our founding, Saulteur has focused on supporting Indigenous economic sovereignty by supporting the formation and growth of Native American and Native American Indian Tribe-owned businesses

The Buy Indian Act

The Buy Indian Act gives preference to the hiring of Native American employees and purchasing of products, supplies and services from eligible Indian Economic Enterprises such as Saulteur



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